Italian Renaissance book bindings: Their makers and owners

Anthony Hobson (1921-2014)

Following his death in 2014, the great bibliophile and binding scholar Anthony Hobson left an unfinished manuscript of his magnum opus, his survey of Italian Renaissance book bindings: Their makers and owners.

On the instructions of Anthony’s literary executor, Christopher de Hamel, and under the general editorship of Christopher and Mirjam Foot, Ed Potten is completing and editing the text for publication. Arranged by town, the two-volume book will for the first time list thousands of bindings seen by Hobson and his father over two generations, grouping them into workshops and illustrating the key tools. A series of indices will list the books by printer, workshop, location and provenance, providing an unprecedented research tool for contextualising the trade, movement and use of books during the Renaissance.

In March 2018 Ed Potten was awarded the Falconer Madan Award by the Bibliographical Society to work on Hobson’s papers at the Bodleian Library.

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